Who is Howard Springsteen?

I have been a homeowner in Vienna since 1997, residing on Upham Place, NW, with my wife, son and daughter. I have served on the town council for 11 years and have a strong history of active community service and involvement in the Town of Vienna and the surrounding area. As your Mayor, I will bring over 30 years of professional experience including in construction, contracting, coalition-building and budgeting. I am proud of my reputation for being accessible and for getting the job done. These attributes will allow me to continue to represent you well while addressing issues of importance to Vienna’s citizens.
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A vote for Springsteen is a vote for:

  • A strong leader to maintain Vienna’s residential character and minimize high density development.
  • Good management of physical infrastructure and town services.
  • Common sense solutions to improve traffic, parking, and bike and pedestrian safety.
  • Transparent and accountable government.
  • An effective advocate with the Fairfax County government for the interests of Town residents.

What Will I Do

As Mayor, I will bring my over 30 years of local community service and professional experience including in construction, contracting, coalition-building, strategic planning and budgeting to the position. I am proud of my reputation for being accessible to the citizens, demanding transparency and accountability, and for getting the job done. What you see is what you get. And if you have a problem – you will see me!


  • Managed Growth

A demonstrated ten-year record in support of Vienna’s long-standing policy of managed growth and low-density zoning in residential neighborhoods and clear opposition to buildings that are out of scale or too dense for Vienna

  • Fiscal Management

Balancing strong oversight of budget and financial management (including ensuring strong reserves and manageable debt and pension burdens) with support of necessary infrastructure improvements and provision of high-quality services and recreational programs for our residents.

  • Advocacy for Citizens

On issues of key importance to town residents, such as sidewalks, traffic calming, parking, pedestrian and bike safety measures and traffic flow.

  • Improved Infrastructure

Including actions to address Vienna’s aging water and sewer system

  • Strong Partnership

With Fairfax government officials, which has resulted in county funds for Vienna fire station renovations, stream restoration, continuation of sidewalks from town to county property to create safe routes to school and the waiving of building and inspection fees for community center and police station construction.

  • Transperency and Accountability

In governance for the citizens of Vienna.

About Howard

  • Town of Vienna
  • Community Service
  • Awards/Recognition
  • Professional Experience
  • Education

*Vienna Volunteer Fire Department, President (2001-2009). Member for over 30 years.

*Have held following positions in this organization including President, Deputy Chief, Captain, and Board Member. Successfully led the $3.8 million Vienna fire station rebuilding project 2003-2005.

*Fairfax County Volunteer Fire Retirement Commission 2017- present

*Fairfax County Volunteer Fire Commission 2001 – 2004

* Adult Leader in Vienna Boy Scout Troop 152: 2005 – 2013

* Madison High Crew Booster Club: 2008 – 2014 (President 2012)

*Louise Archer, Thoreau & Madison High School PTAs

*Member Vienna Presbyterian Church

* Vienna Volunteer Fire Department Volunteer of the Year 2018

* Vienna Volunteer Fire Department Leon Freeman Award For Outstanding Service

* 2013Rotary Club Of Vienna Service Above Self-Award 2009

*Lord Fairfax Honoree – Fairfax County, Hunter Mill District 2009

*Vienna Citizen of the Year, The Times Newspaper, Fairfax County 2007

*Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Volunteer Administrative Officer of the Year 2005

*Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Volunteer Operational Officer of the Year 2003

*Town of Vienna Outstanding Volunteer Award Recipient 2002

Vienna Town Elections 2020

Polls Open:

Voter Registration for Vienna Elections

Absentee Voting Information

Are you going to be away on Election Day (May 5th)? Do you have a college student who may wish to vote? Apply for an absentee ballot! See website below for instruction.

Election Day Information (May 5th)

  • Sample Ballot (not yet available)

Where do I vote?    Voting takes place at the Vienna Community Center; 120 Cherry Street SE. Polls are open 6 a.m.-7 p.m.   See  for more information

Election Events

7-10 PM
Candidate Forum Will Be Broadcast
'Due to the uncertain times and the social distancing we are experiencing, it has been determined that the Candidate Forum on April 2 will be broadcast from Town Hall in the Council Chambers and recorded and replayed 3 times weekly on the Town's Cable Access Channel.

This forum will be co-hosted by NEVCA and the Vienna Business Association (VBA) and questions will be solicited by both organizations from the community and local businesses.

In an attempt to limit the # of people in the room at one time, the forum will be divided into 2 sessions: The first will be the Council Candidates, the second will be the Mayor Candidates. All questions asked will be the same. The NEVCA forum rules will be the same with adjustments made for the split sessions.

There will be no audience members allowed.

The scheduled time was for 7-10pm, but because of extra precautions that cause extra efforts/time (wiping down surfaces between sessions and the like), we would like to move the start time to 6pm.'


Robert J. McCahill

President, North East Vienna Citizens Association”

Media Coverage

Springsteen/Colbert Announce Campaigns
Town Issues $34.5 in Bonds - March 10

I was very pleased today to join most of my colleagues and town staff at a special Council meeting to approve the sale of $34.5 million public improvement bonds at a 1.86% interest rate – one of the lowest rates for bonds in the United States – and a $3.1 million bonus that does not have to be repaid by town. This is a reflection of the town’s AAA bond rating and a testament to good management, conservative fiscal policies and confidence in the strength of Vienna’s economic base. Vienna will use these funds for a variety of projects, including a new police station, sewer infrastructure and a potential public-parking facility. The bonds will be repaid using meals tax revenues and water and sewer fees – water and sewer fees will only be used to cover water and sewer related projects.
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