Record of Accomplishments

Howard Springsteen brings extensive expertise and relevant experience to town government. He has managed contracts valued at over $20 million, has been responsible for construction projects including the $4.3 million renovation of the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department and 53 county fuel site projects valued at $14 million).  His strong record of building coalitions with Fairfax government officials and extensive community service add great value to his work on behalf of Vienna.

Specifically, Howard Springsteen has accomplished the following:

  • Led efforts to suspend the Maple Avenue Corridor (MAC) rezoning (link to development position).
  • Obtained $1.5 million from county for Vienna fire station renovation
  • Partnered with county to continue key sidewalks on Lawyer Road from Vienna into the county to keep our kids safe.
  • Worked with Congressman Connolly to get $500,000 for curb, gutter and sidewalks near Vienna Woods.
  • Successfully lobbied the county to waive building and inspection fees for Town building projects (fire station, community center and police station.)
  • Identified the need for strict oversight for Community Center renovation and for the town to adopt best practices for both contingency planning and building management. These practices helped bring the Community Center to completion and are being incorporated into plans for the Police Station renovation.
  • Raised the alarm about our aging infrastructure, and pushed for town to develop realistic cost projections for water and sewer maintenance and repairs costs over the next twenty years. As a result, the town engaged a nationally recognized expert to provide a road-map to minimize unexpected repairs and crises.  The town is now embarked on a process to reline sewer pipes and replace water pipes as need, based on industry standards and best practices.
  • Supported town efforts to secure county funding for the Wolf Trap stream restoration projects and soon to be launched Difficult Run restoration project near North Side Park.
  • Provided constant and aggressive advocacy on citizen issues – you will see him walking your street if you have a problem. Whether its noise violations, illegal tree cutting, pot-holes, street issues, snowplowing, trash and road hazards, he is available to you for conversation.
  • Kept the Vienna tax rate stable for over ten years by providing a critical eye in the review of budget documents and project proposals.
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